Maximize Your Agency's Efficiency - The Secret to Streamlined SOPs

Maximize Your Agency's Efficiency - The Secret to Streamlined SOPs


What does onboarding a new team member, communicating with clients, and setting up a new project workflow have in common?  

They all (along with everything else you do in your business) require a process 

Is everyone who works within your business know and follow the same processes? Or are your team members often left guessing?  

When your agency is not following the same standard operating procedures, things can start to run amuck fast. Knowledge gaps form, due dates are missed, and frustration rises.  

But when you’re constantly knee-deep in client work, sales calls and putting out fires, it can be difficult to find the time to solidify and document business processes to get everyone on the same page. In order to keep your entire team at the top of their game, you need clear SOP’s to keep the business in line. What if there was a better way to document processes and ensure that tasks are completed consistently and efficiently?  

Enter screen capturing software. In this article, we'll explore how screen capturing software can be a more effective and efficient way to document processes compared to written SOPs. Keep reading to learn more about this powerful tool and how it can help your business run smoothly. 



Video is the new paper 

Strategizing, documenting, and distributing procedural documents is a time-consuming chore that many agency owners don’t have the time for. Not only that, the majority of them remain unread and outdated, rendering them useless.  

By using screen-capturing software like Loom, you can document all of your important processes, access voice transcription, and share the recording with anyone inside (or out) of your organization.    

The next time you find yourself having to explain a process to someone, try this:  

  1. Open your Loom account, and select New Video > Record a Video. 
  2. Confirm your camera and microphone settings.  
  3. Select Start Recording, and confirm what browser (if any) you want to record.  
  4. Record up to 2 hours of content to document your process. (3-5 minutes is best) 
  5. End the recording, and copy the video URL.  
  6. Distribute as necessary! 


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How to communicate your new process videos  

There are many ways you can distribute your new process video links across your organization.  


You may choose to: 

  • Download the video files, and upload to a shared company folder.  
  • Send individual videos or Loom links to specific team members.  
  • Embed into other shared platforms (such as learning courses, Slack, etc).   

SOP best practices 

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The clearer your processes are, the more successful the execution. By following these best practices, your agency will quickly turn into a money-making machine: 

  1. Keep it simple: Your SOPs should be clear and concise, with step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or technical language that may be confusing to those who are not familiar with your business. 
  2. Test your SOPs: Before finalizing your processes, test them to ensure that they are accurate and easy to follow. Have someone who is not familiar with the task or process try to complete it using your instructions, and ask for feedback. 
  3. Keep them updated: Make sure to regularly review and update your SOPs as needed to prevent confusion or errors. 
  4. Make them accessible: Ensure that your SOPs are easily accessible to those who need them. Consider using a centralized location or online platform to store your SOPs, so they can be easily accessed by all team members. 

Successful agencies don’t happen by chance 

The advantages of using video-capturing software doesn’t have to be limited to just internal processes! 

Loom can be used as a great tool for client communication as well. Use a personalized video to send an individualized pitch to a procespect, or make an onboarding video for new clients signing onto your agency. Update your clients on project statues with real-time visuals. The possibilities are endless!  

By demonstrating tasks in a visual and interactive way, you can ensure that your SOPs are clear, accurate, and easy to follow. Video capturing software also allows you to quickly and easily update your SOPs as needed, making it easy to keep your documentation current. Overall, using video capturing software like Loom can help you streamline your business processes and ensure that tasks are completed consistently and efficiently. 


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