How and Why Agencies Should Use Account-Based Marketing

. . . and how to make a targeted approach work for you!

Account Based Marketing


Trying to get in front of the right prospective clients to pitch your services can be a minefield.

If your agency is like most, you spend a ton of time and energy marketing to businesses . . . only to discover the clients you're targeting aren’t listening. 

Or worse: they’re listening . . . but they’re not suitable for your services! Falling on deaf ears.

If you find yourself sounding like an infomercial – “There’s GOT to be a better way . . . ” – you’re in luck. 

The better way is target account marketing. And if you’re running a creative agency, it should be one of the methods you highly consider when marketing your business.

In simple terms, account-based marketing allows you to be laser-specific about which prospects you build relationships with.

You focus solely on marketing to them – while simultaneously avoiding businesses that aren’t a good fit.

And although taking an uber-targeted approach to marketing might seem like you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, there are 5 big reasons why this method is SO effective for agencies.

1. Less time (Yes, really!)

If you're splattering your marketing message to anybody and everybody, it's going to take too long to find your ideal clients. (Sorry if that sounds harsh – it’s just the truth!)

Account-based marketing allows you to be more efficient with your time and resources by only focusing on the right type of clients. Sure, your time investment might be larger up front . . . but it will pay off in the long run (aka as soon as you secure those dream clients!). 


2. You can highlight your expertise – and get paid accordingly!

If you're niched down and working with a specific industry or defined services, you're a specialist (and deserve to get paid as one!).

Think about a heart surgeon vs a general practitioner. 

Who earns more?

Of course, the heart surgeon does because they’re a specialist.

The same applies to you and your agency.


3.  Dream clients bring in dream revenue!

If you're targeting businesses that are generating more revenue, you can naturally charge more for your work.

This means you can effectively earn more for doing the same amount of work (or doing much less!).

Plus, you'll have a way better experience working with these clients because you’ll have hand-selected them!




4. Your messaging can be more specific (and meaningful!)

Another big benefit of target account marketing is you can – and should – be super specific with your messaging.

And that enables you to test and optimize your campaigns more efficiently.

While your competitors’ generic messages will sink to the bottom of your target’s inbox before they’re even read . . . 

Your perfectly personalized messages will stand out.


5. It’s easier to systemize what you deliver to clients

By focusing on serving a specific type of client, it's so much easier to deliver a stellar service – withOUT working around the clock.

That's because if all your clients are similar, what you deliver to the client will also be very similar.

This saves a tremendous amount of time as you can build more effective processes and systems rather than trying to cater to everyone.




Now let’s get really specific . . . 

Trying to make account-based marketing work for your creative agency can be . . . daunting. Is there a secret to finding the right contact info? Should I really be sending out hundreds of LinkedIn connection requests? Will anyone even respond to my cold messages?


The answers? Yes. Yes. And . . . if you adopt a personalized approach, YES! 


Here's the best way to build an ultra-personalized (and incredibly effective) target account marketing strategy.


Step One: Collect – and clean – your contacts

No, to build your email list, you don't have to spend endless hours searching for addresses in the deepest depths of the internet. And you don't have to buy an outdated, inaccurate email list either. (Did we just hear a sigh of relief?) 


One of the most effective ways to acquire accurate contact info is to scrape LinkedIn. And before you send your VA on a wild-goose chase, consider this: there are tools designed specifically for this purpose!


Wiza, for example, will enable you to export real-time contact info from any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. 


Another tool you'll want to look into? ZeroBounce, which will validate the deliverability of those email addresses. (And therefore ensure your campaign metrics aren't skewed.) 

Once you've collected the emails and removed the born-to-bounce accounts, remove any emails with generic domains. Because you'll want to contact prospects where they do business – not pop up in their personal Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud inbox. (Psst! This is where your VA – and a good ol' fashioned spreadsheet – come in.)  


Step Two: Start connecting (and cold messaging!)


LinkedIn will let you connect with 100 people a week using its in-platform Connect function. And that's a lot . . . but it might not actually be enough.

You'll be able to send a larger volume of requests – Think: 6X as many! – by inviting prospects to connect via email. (Find the nitty-gritty steps on how to use LinkedIn's Invite by email tool here. 


Something to consider? The former connection request method will allow you to add a personalized message. Take advantage of this! A quick acknowledgment of the prospect's work should win you a sales meeting booking rate of about 2%.


The latter connection request method, however, won't allow you to add a personalized message – but it will enable you to send connection requests at scale. Just expect a lower response rate.


'The Person Who Fails the Most Wins' - Seth Godin


Step Three: Get personal AND automated

Personal AND automated? We know that sounds like an oxymoron, but just stick with us . . . 

It's no secret personalization can dramatically improve response rates. But the most effective method of personalization is considerably lesser known . . . video. Show your prospects you know their biz by sending them a screen recording that clearly shows their logo, website, or profile. Then offer targeted recommendations that position you as an authority in your niche.

Obviously, this tailored approach takes time. So, to improve efficiency, you'll want to invest in a good CRM and develop an automated email sequence. Nurturing your prospects with a series of three to four emails can help you identify who's active and engaged – and who's no longer worth your time. 

Take A Practical Approach To Target Account Marketing

An account-based approach is one of the most effective marketing strategies there is for agency owners. (Our clients are proof!)

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