8 books to help you scale your creative agency to $1M+ for just $180


When you first began your creative journey, did you ever expect to have to understand balance sheets, CRM platforms, or sales strategies?  


Or were you blissfully unaware, confident that you could simply learn on the go? 


Now suddenly, it’s 2 a.m., and you’re at your desk scrolling through yet another spreadsheet that just doesn’t add up. Your team is swamped with projects, client expectations are sky-high, and the agency you once were so passionate about now feels like a runaway train you're struggling to control.  


To help you rein things back in, we've curated a list of 8 transformative books that will guide you through the intricate maze of scaling your agency, rebuild your confidence, and restore the passion that got you into this line of work in the first place. 


The Ultimate Reading List: 8 Books That Will Supercharge Your Agency’s Growth


#1: Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns 
Learn how to navigate sales conversations without dreading your pitch or feeling like an imposter. Enns provides a transformative approach to client acquisition that hinges on having value-based conversations. Transform your sales approach to confidently attract clients without feeling like you're begging for business. 


#2: Atomic Habits by James Clear 
One of the most popular mindset books on the market, Clear will help you understand the science behind habit formation and how your daily activities impact your success. Learn how to focus on the 1% improvement principle to instill habits that set the stage for sustained agency growth and personal well-being. 


#3: Profit First by Craig Dacy 
If numbers scare you, this book is your new best friend. Dacy will teach you easy-to-understand mathematical strategies to organize your agency's finances for sustainable growth. After this read, you’ll revolutionize your financial strategies to see profitability sooner, enabling faster scaling. 


#4: Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman
Explore the intricacies of customer journeys and what makes or breaks client relationships. Coleman focuses on how to patch the "leaky buckets" in your customer retention strategy. Strengthen your client relationships to ensure long-term contracts and referrals. 


#5: The CEO’s Secret Weapon by Jan Jones 
You don’t have to do it all. Jones teaches effective delegation strategies that will enable you to focus on what truly matters for your agency’s growth. Master the art of delegation to free up time and expedite your agency's growth trajectory. 


#6: Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martel 
This book opens your eyes to the value of your time and how it should be allocated for maximum impact. Learn how to assess and prioritize your daily tasks. Martel will help you reclaim your time to focus on high-impact activities that drive revenue and agency growth. 


#7: Start with No by Jim Camp 
Who says sales are all about hearing 'yes'? Discover how to reframe your sales conversations to relieve pressure and increase client commitment. Transform your sales process with Camp’s help to make closing deals stress-free and more successful. 


#8: The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson and Dixon Matthew 
Get data-driven insights into optimizing your sales process. This book helps you adapt to the ever-changing landscape of client acquisition. Equip yourself with the tactics and data to ensure your sales process is future-proof. 


Ready to turn the page on uncertainty? 

Fast-forward a few weeks or months from now. You’re sitting at that same desk, but this time, it’s different. Your eyes aren't frantically darting between spreadsheets; instead, they're locked onto a dashboard showing stable growth metrics.  


You're no longer a stressed entrepreneur questioning your abilities. You've become a confident agency owner making decisive, impactful choices. Your agency isn't just surviving; it’s thriving, and all because you took the time to invest in your education.  


So why wait? These 8 books are your key to taking control of that runaway train and steering it towards unparalleled success. Read them in this sequence, and equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to scale your agency beyond your wildest dreams.



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